Autowrapped provides a solution to the problem of consumers tuning out to your ads.

A strange thing happens when you don’t advertise “NOTHING”. You must keep your brand in front of the consumer as much as possible.

Attract their attention.

Create interest in your product/company.

Create desire in your product/company.

Ask for action from your customers.

Full Wrap
A full wrap auto is one that covers as much of the vehicle as possible.
Our wrapped vehicles can be located as point-of-sale reminders at your sales locations.
Merchandising Opportunities
We will provide your company with the opportunity to hand out samples of your products at most any location; malls, sporting events, concerts, beaches or tell us where you want to be.
We can provide co-op opportunities with other advertisers to allow your ad dollars to go further. Does your company sell another companies product or service. Also do a give away and we can get local radio and TV involved.
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